Management of your property in Alanya

By having a property in Alanya you have taken one of the best decisions of your life time. Now its time to make your holiday home even better and more comfortable. Also you can rent out your property to make extra income for your holiday expenses.

As ALANYAHOMEX , we are always with you to make your property and holiday better and more comfortable;

  • Checking water and electric meters and activate them if needed
  • Electric and water meters figures to be written on the monthly report
  • Before entering property we make sure there is nobody in the apartment
  • Checking electric fuses and water main valve if they are working
  • Keeping the windows open to ventilate the apartment minimum 20 minutes and fill up the property with fresh air.
  • Open water taps, turning on lights if they are working. If there is any lamp or tap broken, we make sure to fix them.
  • Toilet flash are being checked if they are properly working. And keeping away bad odor out of property if needed.
  • Throw out all garbage if there is any in the apartment in order to avoid unwanted smell
  • We check walls and ceilings if there is any cracks.
  • We check the drain in balconies. If drain is blocked and the balcony filled up with water we make sure to keep drain open and flow the water out of the balcony.
  • Keeping the fridge door open if electricity is off in property
  • We will take all furnitures in the property if there is any left in balcony. If there is any furniture not to be carried inside, home owner takes the responsibility in case any damage.
  • All the windows doors and shutters will be closed after inspecting the property
  • Water and electric meters will be turned off
  • All the damages or anything needed to be fixed, you will be notified.
  • We lock the door 3 times.
  • We check mailbox and if there is any mail we keep them in our office or mail them to your home country with your own cost.
  • After inspecting your home we make a list and report and email you in same day.
whatsappI would like to get more information about buying a property in Turkey.
whatsappI would like to get more information about buying a property in Turkey.